WOP – Workshop

O objeto emancipado

José Alberto Ferreira · PT

18, 19 Oct · 10am – 1pm

20 Oct · 10am – 2pm

Teatro de Ferro · Sala de Ensaios

Mandatory registration until October 15: comunicacao@fimp.pt
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Based on texts by Jean Baudrillard, Ghérasim Luca, Eugénio Castro, Michel Serres, Bruno Latour, Graham Harman, among others, we will try to reposition objects in relation to a world where vertically hierarchic ontologies are replaced by plane, horizontal ontologies. In each session, the texts will be material for experimenting, to-do-reading, searching for the practical translation of concepts and aesthetical, theoretical and ideological questioning.


Lecturer at the Departamento de Artes Cénicas of the Escola de Artes of Universidade de Évora, where he teaches subjects related to history and aesthetics in theatre. As a fellow at the Centro de História de Arte e Investigação Artística (CHAIA) of Universidade de Évora, he is part of several research groups on theatre studies. Author of several books as well as articles in papers and magazines in Portugal and abroad.


Teatro de Ferro

Travessa da Formiga nº65

Espaço 2, Piso 1, Porto

223 700 011


Travessa da Formiga nº 65
Espaço 1, Piso 1
4300-207 Porto
(+351) 223 320 419

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