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Cascas de Memória: Nº2

Solveig Phyllis Rocher · CAN

17 Oct · 7pm

Teatro de Ferro · Sala de Ensaios

© Arthur C. Wandeur

Choreography and performance Solveig Phyllis Rocher

Photographe Arthur C. Wandeur

Support to the residency Fórum Dança, Teatro de Ferro

Co-presentation Fimp, Serviço de Emergências 2018 do Teatro de Ferro

N°2 is the second in a series of dance plays entitled 'Cascas de Memória', ("The skins of Memory"). This series examines how and where memories are kept, never to be lost.

N°2 has a body that lives and works within the skin-tissue. It is a duet grounded in the exploration of the possible relationships that might exist between my body and the fabrics.

In this context, memories are understood to be something external, physical entities foreign to our skin, flesh and bones that come in, inhabit us, and change us, just like the proverbial Christian soul. Except that, in this case, memories stay on this earth, after death, gathering, traveling from person to person through time and down the generations.
Solveig Phyllis Rocher


Born in Canada and brought up in France and in the UK, Solveig is an up and coming performing artist. She studied illustration in London where she created two puppet performances 'Dialogue between a neoliberal and an anti-capitalist' and 'Dance against the concrete' both staged in exhibitions and debates in London and Montreal. For the past ten months she has been studying contemporary dance (something she's been wanting to do for some time) in a course organised by ESMAE and Teatro Municipal do Porto, with Mathilde Monier, Raimund Hoghe and Ola Maciejewska conducting masterclasses included in this course. As this was going on she was also working as an actor, choreographer/ performer in "Variações de EL", a street performance by Companhia Circolando. In this period Solveig also created her first dance piece "Cascas de Memória: N°1" ("The Skins of Memory n.1"), staged at the Teatro Rivoli. She hopes to continue creating dance pieces.


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