WIP – Work in progress

Manifesto Sem Treino de Voz

Catarina Casais, João Barrosa · PT

16 Oct · 7pm

Teatro de Ferro · Sala de Ensaios

30' · M12

Creation Catarina Casais, João Barrosa

Costumes Catarina Casais

Set design João Barrosa

Co-presentation FIMP, Serviço de Emergências 2018 do Teatro de Ferro

A creation without a character. It's not about replacing the actor, it is just an art form in which he is naturally absconded. Relying on the craft of all those who build the theatre, this show hopes to break with tradition by filling the void left by the actor. It is the foundations' manifesto. The ones who do not get applauded, the ones who live the before and the afterwards, the ones who are not the "artists". The ones who hide and perfect the job of acting, the ones who put on the make up so the imperfections may hide in the shade of potential. The ones who serve, for they are servants to the show.

The voice of the dispensable, up to the moment when everyone else realises that they are not.

This show is dedicated to all those who work at set design, costume design, lighting, sound, production and stage directing. To the builders of empires, someone else's.

Catarina Casais e João Barrosa



Catarina de Sousa Casais (Porto, 1997)
Catarina began her art studies at Escola Artística Soares dos Reis, studying Serigraphy and Gravure. She got a degree with honours in Theatre – Costume Design at Escola Superior de Música e Artes do Espetáculo. Since 2015, she has been experimenting with textiles and printing techniques. Ever since she has been collaborating in shows, working alongside the directors Radar 360º, Paulo Calatré, António Durães and Nuno Cardoso. In 2017, "Mulheres Más" was Catarina first independent production based on the play Cloud 9 by Caryl Churchill. In 2016 Catarina's work was for the 1st time on display at Festival Set, featuring a plastic intervention with links to artists Jarry, Craig and Appia. In 2018 she is presenting an installation inspired in the artist Dan Graham. Another aspect of Catarina's career has been the independent production of costumes inspired by the early 20th century art movement and the female body. Currently she is engaged in a dance production that will be on show at the XX Bienal Internacional de Cerveira.


Paulo João Barrosa (Porto, 1990)
João Paulo spent 10 years dedicated to the study of art, 6 of them entirely devoted to set design. These last few years he worked with Cristóvão Neto, Elisabete Leão and Marta Silva; with directors and choreographers António Capelo, Joana Providência, António Júlio, Nuno Cardoso, Nuno Preto, João Paulo Costa, António Durães and Paulo Calatré. He took part in art projects coordinated by Paula Preto and Célia Capelo and participated twice at Festival Set. Under the direction of Ricardo Preto, Paulo designed the set for the film Na Jaula, by Valter Hugo Mãe. He was assistant to the art director in the film A lenda do galo, in collaboration with ESMAD.


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