WIP – Work in progress


Cláudia Gomes · PT

15 Oct · 7pm

Teatro de Ferro · Sala de Ensaios

30' · M12

Creation Cláudia Gomes

Support Ricardo Soares

Handling technique, Pulling Strings.

Handler and puppet at the same level, with the same pointers, the same connections, the same structure, the same motion. Mirroring the mirror, the reflexion of a reflexion. Getting to know the puppet or the handling of the puppet. Creating the puppet, walking the puppet and being the puppet.

Transiting from the first stage of the project cha·o·tic to the second stage of perfecting, observing, handling and lear·ning.

WIP as a means to share the project (getting to know the materials and techniques) as well as an opportunity to investigate, to pose new questions and ideas, boosting new perspectives and goals.

Cláudia Gomes


Teatro de Ferro

Travessa da Formiga nº65

Espaço 2, Piso 1, Porto

223 700 011


Travessa da Formiga nº 65
Espaço 1, Piso 1
4300-207 Porto
(+351) 223 320 419

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