Quem sou eu?

Teatro de Marionetas do Porto · PT


19 Oct · 9pm

Campo Alegre · Auditório

50' · M12

Concept and direction Isabel Barros

Music Jorge Queijo

Light design Filipe Azevedo

Puppets João Pedro Trindade

Assistant to the director Rui Queiroz de Matos

Costumes Isabel Barros

Costume design (puppets) Cláudia Ribeiro, Marlene Rodrigues

Performers Albina Sousa, Aurélio Batista, Belmira Silva, Francisco André, Manuel Carneiro da Silva, Maria Adelaide Pinto, Maria da Conceição Peixoto, Maria de Fátima Reis, Maria Emília Amador, Maria Eva Rosa, Maria Hermínia Fernandes, Micaela Soares, Saúl Ferreira Salgado e Vítor Gomes

Production Sofia Carvalho

Designer Pedro Ramos

Created with the support Câmara Municipal do Porto in partnership with Centro Social e Paroquial do Calvário, A Benéfica e Previdente - Associação Mutualista, Obra Diocesana do Porto: Centro Social do Cerco, Centro Social Machado Vaz, Centro Social S. João de Deus

Quem sou eu? is a creation project, product of the strong will to work with communities, with the aim to raise awareness to the arts and to promote social inclusion.

It is a kind look on people taken through self-portraits. It's a trip down memory lane looking for everybody's inner beauty.

Throughout this creation we go through the layers of life and the signs of time and how it moves around in its perpetual movement allowing for renovation, so often unnoticed. We want participants to experience the magic of time, the wealth everybody has within him or herself, and to celebrate together their lives, with everything beautiful and emotional that each ones contains.
Isabel Barros


Teatro de Marionetas do Porto was created in September 1988, the same date in which the company was present at the official selection of the Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes, in Charleville-Mézières.

The quest is to always find new ways to create puppets, and new ways to set the rules for this form of theatre, regarding interpretation and the links to other art forms such as dance, visual arts, music and image.


Campo Alegre

Rua das Estrelas, Porto

226 063 000


Travessa da Formiga nº 65
Espaço 1, Piso 1
4300-207 Porto
(+351) 223 320 419

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