Macbêtes, the tragic nights

Théâtre de La Licorne · FR

17, 18 Oct · 9pm

Mosteiro São Bento da Vitória

50' · M16

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© Christophe Loiseau
© Christophe Loiseau
© Christophe Loiseau

Text de Arthur Lefebvre a partir de Macbeth de Shakespeare

Direction and scenography Claire Dancoisne

With Rita Tchenko, Thomas Dubois e insetos como parceiros

Prop creation Patrick Smith, com o apoio de Olivier Sion

Costume creation Catherine Lefebvre Execução Execution Anne Bothuon

Original music Maxence Vandevelde

Production Théâtre La Licorne

Supported by Conseil départemental du Pas-de-Calais

Acknowledgments Maison Folie de Moulins – Lille

For their return to Porto, Théâtre de La Licorne is staging two plays created to be performed in an intimate atmosphere. In this kind of pocket theatre, the simplicity of the means, the plasticity of the set (one of La Licorne telling traits), the dark-humour and the hole hearted performances grip us from beginning to end, just like an exceptionally good pocket book thriller would do.


Macbêtes, the tragic nights

Macbêtes is a drama set in the realm of insects. Tragic and negligible. The story of a diabolical couple. A general and his muse who are willing to do anything, truly anything, particularly the worst possible crimes to get their hands on a power that they wanted to be eternal, absolute and uncontested. A usurped power, cruel, despotic and blind.

Macbêtes and Lady M rule tyrannically over a people of busy insects whom they devour with absolute impunity despite them being no real threat. Whispers, state secrets and treacherousness have no other echo than the moaning of the shells, the groaning of the roaches and the clacking of the jaws.
Arthur Lefebvre



Claire Dancoisne
Following a sculptor diploma from the Beaux-arts in Lille, and a few detours, Claire Dancoisne engages in theater, a passion in which plastic arts are paramount. As an actress, she founds the Théâtre de La Licorne, for the mask and the object very quickly become obvious choices for the unique and original writing of the company. From there, she bears forty creations for which she directs and coaches. Her shows will be litterary adaptions from novels (G.G Marquez, Orwell, Flaubert, Voltaire, Carole Martinez…), tales (Misère..), classical theater (Shakespeare, Aristophane…) as well as personal creative writings (Sous-Sols, Le Bestiaire Forain, Chère Famille, Spartacus…). Collaborations with dramatic authors will enamel this imaged theatrical path (Arthur Lefebvre, François Chaffin, Matteï Visniec).

It has now been almost 30 years that she defends through La Licorne a demanding theater, that is able to speak to all, a plastic and offbeat theater, bearing sense and pleasure.

Claire Dancoisne was appointed Knight of the National Order of the Legion of Honour in July 2009.


Rita Tchenko
She worked as an actress with directors such as Andrzej Seweryn (Comédie Française), Jérôme Savary, Wladyslaw Znorko, Régis Hébette, Mustapha Aouar, Julia Pascal, Mohamed Guellati… She also worked with the Théâtre de l'Unité et most especially with the Illustre Famille Burattini where she was co-director, actress, author, and truck driver…


Thomas Dubois
Thomas Dubois is a comedian accustomed to the Théâtre la Licorne. He has played in several shows of Claire Dancoisne, such as Le Bestiaire Forain, Lysistrata, Chère Famille, La Griffe des Escargots, Sous-sols… He is also at the origin of the role of General Macbêtes for the show Macbêtes, created in 1997.


Théâtre de La Licorne
The creation of the company is set in 1986 when I was joined by other sculptors, musicians, and actors who were inclined towards performance rather than textual theater. A small team of raging, crazy individuals, who would, day and night, seek to invent a theatrical form mixed with machines, shadow projections (nights spent with very limited budget to project through the vapor that was let out by the cap of the pressure cooker onto the garage's white wall that was in front of our window, to project through flour that we would let fall down from a tall ladder), to invent characters that could explicitly get fatter in a show (with tubes of tractors on the body and displacements with attached compressor)... We worked hard, in hangars, without any money, and the innumerable back and forths at night to the waste collections were weekly.

Nostalgia still invades me when I think about the creation of these first shows of La Licorne. There were instilled with incredible invention, impertinence, physical risks and an incorporated passion each time. The way we lived and directly experienced theater was not adequate to the traditional theater played in National scenes We wanted to be inventors, and we wanted to be everywhere. And we were everywhere. Since, we gained structure, chose and affirmed our affiliations and functions. I chose directing in order to accomplish and realize my artistic universe, develop it and inscribe it in contemporary creation.

With Patrick Smith, graphist, plastician and mecanician, we shifted towards the theatrical spirit that still embodies today La Licorne : a research where mask and object are at the heart of our creations.
Claire Dancoisne


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