Mue Marionnettes · FR

13 Oct · 11am, 12am
Teatro do Bolhão

13 Oct · 10:15pm
Foyer Rivoli

14 Oct · 11am, 12am
Jardim Basílio Teles, Matosinhos

14 Oct · 10:15pm
Foyer Campo Alegre

15' · M6

© Xavier Bourdereau
© Xavier Bourdereau

Imagined, created and performed by Valerio Point

Under the watchful eyes of Danièle Virlouvet, Frank Soehnle

Music Pascale Berthomier

Supported by Commune de Celle l'Evescault, Conseil Général de la Vienne, Région Poitou-Charentes

With the collaboration of Licée Victor Hugo, Licée Xavier Bernard, Licée de La Palène

Acknowledgments Maison des Trois Quartiers, Zo Prod, Compagnie du Coq à l'Anee Figurentheater Tübingen

A man and a woman.A puppeteer and a cellist. Two string puppets, a man and a woman. A tight embrace in a shared dream.

In this delicate play, the handling of the small bodies spirit us away to an intimate hidden corner. The echoes of Egon Schiele painting and the live music create a vibrant and intense atmosphere during the 15 minutes of the show – vibrant and intense as a lovers' embrace should be.



Born within the Osenbones Constructions theatre company, and as a consequence of the work produced there, the Mue Marionnettes was created as a professional company in 2013.

The aim of the company is to produce minimal, intimate shows, visual, with no text, in which the gesture is ostensive, and silence and calm blend with live music. The string puppet is often the tool of choice mingling at times with other art forms such as video or animation, in shows designed for children and/ or adults.


Valerio Point
At the age of 21, by building puppets, Valerio Point was brought back to a place where he felt completely fulfilled, revisiting his childhood and the long hours he spent playing with his Lego© Technic set.

The following year, he's joined on stage by a shy, frail and delicate puppet, relishing the challenging connection with the audience. As a result, in 2008, the Osenbones company was established and there he creates Petite Fleur (Fantôme).

It is only in 2013, after being away from puppet building for a few years, while creating the show L'étreinte, that he decided to dedicate himself exclusively to live shows.

Evolution is one of the guiding concepts of his work, obtained through decluttering and the search for the bare essential. He tries to create a universal language belonging to a serene place.


Pascale Berthomier - Cellist, composer, performer
Pascale Berthomier was born in 1973, in Brest. In 1990 she completed her degree at the CNR in Poitiers and after she studied at the École Normale de Musique de Paris. In 1997 she got her cello degree at the CEFEDEM in Poitiers. For a few years she held a teaching position at the Conservatoire de Châtellerault, until she eventually decided to become a full-time performer.

For a decade she experimented with completely different styles from punk rock to ancient music, and even folk music. For a while she was on the road with the band ''Orange Blossom'', and for about two years she joined the Celtic rock band ''Wig à Wag''.

She wrote music for theatre with the company ''Le Moulin Théâtre" and for dance, with Odile Azagury.

When in 2006, she formed her duo ''L'Inquiétant Suspendu'' with the musician Xavier Vochelle she broadened her artistic interventions, to an all new range of art forms:
- Films in concert
- The art of the recital
- Dance
- Theatre
- Visual arts

Notwithstanding she continues to write and to play as a soloist with the company ''Sans Titre'', in the show Cabaret Slam de l'Égalité and in the first stage of the tryptic Les Antigones, Héritages, Traces et Fondations as well as with her dance company "Sine Qua Non Art'', in the show Des Ailleurs sans Lieux.



Praça D João I, Porto

223 392 201

Campo Alegre

Rua das Estrelas, Porto

226 063 000

Jardim Basílio Teles