Teatro de Marionetas do Porto · PT

10, 11, 12 Oct · 10am, 3pm
13 Oct · 7pm
14 Oct · 4pm

Teatro Carlos Alberto

45' · M3

© Susana Neves
© Susana Neves
© Susana Neves

Direction and scenography João Paulo Seara Cardoso e coletivo

Puppets and scenic objects Rui Pedro Rodrigues

Costumes Pedro Ribeiro

Sound effects Miguel Reis

Movement coordination Isabel Barros

Light design Roy Peter

Video animation Grifu

Performers Micaela Soares, Rui Queiroz de Matos, Vitor Gomes

Production Sofia Carvalho

Technical operator Filipe Azevedo

Production assistant Shirley Resende

Direction assistant Isabel Barros

Set, puppets and object construction Rui Pedro Rodrigues, Nuno Valdemar Guedes

Costume making Carla Pereira

Graphic design Pedro Ribeiro

Videorecording Ângelo Peres/Widescreen

Photography Susana Neves

Co-production Teatro de Marionetas do Porto / Artemrede

One thing, sometimes, is not what it is.

Sometimes things like to be other things, for instance to be like people. They like to move, to laugh, to like and not to like.

People / things and things / people are good to tell stories.

In the Fragile world, there are short stories and long stories. Things want to be taken to places things don't know, and things make short and long trips.

In the Fragile world there are people/ things who look for things/ people. There are secrets that are not revealed, or remain to be revealed, there is an open and closed universe. There are things coming out of other things.

In the Fragile world rules are not what they are, they are rules of imagination!



Teatro de Marionetas do Porto was created in September 1988, the same date in which the company was present at the official selection of the Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes, in Charleville-Mézières.

The quest is to always find new ways to create puppets, and new ways to set the rules for this form of theatre, regarding interpretation and the links to other art forms such as dance, visual arts, music and image.


Teatro Carlos Alberto

Rua das Oliveiras 43, Porto

223 401 900


Travessa da Formiga nº 65
Espaço 1, Piso 1
4300-207 Porto
(+351) 223 320 419

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