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Costanza Givone · PT

Isabel Alves Costa Creative Grant

19 Oct · 7pm

20 Oct · 9pm

Campo Alegre · Café Teatro

60' · M12

© João Vladimiro
© João Vladimiro

Art director Costanza Givone

Dramaturgy and research Raquel S.

Co-creation and performance Costanza Givone, Ricardo Vaz Trindade

Light design and technical direction Francisco Campos

Woodwork Armindo Sá

Executive production Susana Paixão

Video and photography João Vladimiro

Co-production FIMP, Comédias do Minho, Teatro Municipal do Porto

Acknowledgments José e Dorinda Pinheiro, Ivone e Joep Ingen Housz (Quinta das Águias), Ana Maria (restaurante O Encontro) e Agostinho Correia (Grão-mestre da Confraria da Foda), Cândido e Lucinda Malheiro, Olívia e António Gonçalves, Fernanda e José Esteves (Associação de Verdoejo), André Fernandes, Nuno Lucena e turma de 12o ano do curso de Realização Plástica do Espectáculo da Escola Secundária Artística Soares dos Reis, Circolando, João Vladimiro, Maria José Passos da Costa, Maria de Lourdes Brandão Rodrigues dos Santos, MissOpo, Paula Lopes.

This project won the Isabel Alves Costa Creative Grant

This project has sprung from the curiosity to investigate the layers of history imbedded in our daily cooking habits. There is a dinner to be cooked, there is an Italian woman and a Portuguese man, there is a table and there are concepts like identity and tradition that need to be peeled and slowly cooked to simmer.

These were the ingredients used by Costanza Givone and her team to win the third edition of the Bolsa de Criação Isabel Alves Costa, a joint initiative between Comédias do Minho, FIMP and Teatro Municipal do Porto.


A Portuguese man and an Italian woman sitting at a table. A dinner ready to be cooked: tension.

This project has sprung from the curiosity to investigate the layers of history imbedded in our daily habits. We look into concepts such as tradition and cultural identity through something that is part of our daily life and which makes us proud: cooking. Tradition cooks slowly. Year after year, dishes become part of the culture and of the history of the people. I am keen in this kind of work, slowly peeling the layers that our daily culinary habits hide. We will go from the particular to the universal: from a family conflict on how to cook a dinner, to the meanings and traditions contained in this conflict.



Costanza Givone studied contemporary dance at the CPDC (contemporary dance further education centre, in Florence), at the CEM (centro em movimento in Lisbon), and theatre at the Teatro del Giglio (Lucca). She is now a post-graduate student of contemporary dance at ESMAE (Porto).

She highlights the influence of such masters as N.Karpov, Virgilio Sieni, Simona Bucci, Sofia Neuparth, Peter Michael Dietz, Vera Mantero, Alexej Merkushev (Derevo company), Gey Pin Ang, Gabriella Bartolomei (voice) and the choreographers and directors Madalena Victorino, Aldara Bizarro, João Garcia Miguel, André Braga and Claudia Figueiredo with whom she worked as a performer.

In 2006, Costanza co-founded the Zaches Teatro company to study the link between the body, the object, the mask and the puppet.

Since 2012, alongside with her work Costanza at the company, she has been working with different artists of different areas: Salomè ha Perso il Lume (shorlisted for the Premio Scenario, premier at FIMFA), Santas de Roca (Artemrede 2013 production), Tempo Rói (premier TAGV, Coimbra, 2015), Viagem ao País da Levitação (premier and co-production Teatro Maria Matos, 2014).

For the past two years she has been working with Circolando, and under the Espírito do Lugar 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 projects and its spin offs, she developed site-specific projects in Porto and Coimbra. Since 2009, she has been involved in community projects as a performer/ co-creator, alongside Madanela Vitorino (Vale) and Aldara Bizarro (a casa, o baile), and as a choreographer (Santas de Roca).


Ricardo Vaz Trindade (Coimbra, 1978) graduated in Architecture and is currently taking a master degree in Theatre studies, at the FLUL. He began his theatre career in 1996, at the CITAC, and became a professional in 2001.

Among the highlights of his performing career are: "Museu da Existência" and "Mina" (Amarelo Silvestre/Dir. Rafaela Santos), "Ivan, ou a dúvida" (Teatro Viriato/Dir. Sónia Barbosa); "Teatro das Compras" (Dir. Giacomo Scalisi); "Coriolano" (Ao Cabo Teatro/Dir. Nuno Cardoso); "Arraial" (Circolando/Dir. André Braga and Madalena Victorino); "Sangue" and "Titus: Laboratório de Sangue" (Casa Conveniente/Teatro Maria Matos/Dir. David Pereira Bastos).

He directed the plays: "Deus – uma peça", by Woody Allen; "Escorbuto" and "Talk Show" (both written by him) at TEUC. With Marta Félix he co-created the theatre company Teatro Toitoi. Here are some of their most memorable shows: "360 Azorean Torpor"; "Rhesus"; "Ainda Hoje era Ontem" (first play by Nuno Camareiro, winner of the Leya prize 2012) and "Na Ponta da língua" (co-created with the choreographer Márcia Lança).

In 2015/16 he was granted scholarships by Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian and Fundação GDA for an internship with the company The Team, in New York, where he had the chance to follow closely the devising methods in the development of the show "Primer for a failed superpower".

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