Teatro Dom Roberto

Red Cloud Teatro de Marionetas · PT

19 Oct · 10:30am, 3pm
22 Oct · 3pm
Junta de Freguesia de Ramalde

20 Oct · 4pm
Metro do Porto · Estação da Trindade

4' · M3

* Reserved sessions for the Ramalde District schools

© Rui Rodrigues
© Rui Rodrigues
© Alípio Padilha

Puppeteer Sara Henriques

Puppets Rui Rodrigues

FIMP always keeps a place for traditional puppetry as it is part of our cultural heritage: on the streets and in the squares, where gatherings tend to happen, there is where puppets like to show up!

In this edition we invite you to visit or revisit Teatro D. Roberto. The Portuguese branch of an illustrious European family of puppets. In recent editions we welcomed the visit of our cousin Pulcinella, from Italy and Mr. Punch, from Britain.

It is now time for D. Roberto to return to FIMP, brought to life by the hand of Sara Henriques, the only known "Roberteer" woman in the country.

Energetic, amoral, violent and fun, D. Roberto is highly contra-indicated for any age.


This particular form of traditional puppet theatre is popular in Portugal since the 18th century, with the proliferation of the traveling companies that staged their shows throughout the major cities in Europe.

Plays were staged on the streets, on the beaches, on pilgrimage sites and in fun fairs, by a single puppeteer and his booth, puppets and swazzle; an instrument that you place on the roof of your mouth to raise the pitch of every sound you make, raising the stakes, the speed and rhythm of the dynamics of handling that for two hundred years hovers over the roof top of D. Roberto's booth, with more or less magic depending on the puppeteer and the plays he played.

Portuguese Teatro Dom Roberto has its counterparts in the English Punch & Judy, the French Guignol and Italian Pulcinella.

Teatro D. Roberto is now seen as a relic of Portuguese folk culture. One of Red Cloud TM's mission statements is to preserve and create awareness on this artistic genre. As such it's been quite active in Portugal and internationally implementing several projects in this field, being most relevant the ID: Memória Itinerante, a project developed during 2017, including workshops on building and handling Robertos, and the staging of shows in rural communities.

This relic came close to extinction in 1980 but for João Paulo Seara Cardoso (1956-2010), director, actor and puppeteer who restored it and made it available for an upcoming generation of puppeteers that keeps growing to this day.The plays we staged have been recovered by Sara Henriques from the video records of Teatro Dom Roberto by João Paulo Seara Cardoso.


Red Cloud Puppet Theatre is dedicated to create and present puppet theatre plays, for young and adult audiences, sensitizing the audiences towards the multiple art forms involved in puppet theatre. The company cooperates with other artists from different areas of performing arts, visual arts, music and cinema, in order to consolidate and refine it's artistic language that is based in the cinematic experience offered by puppet theater; interconnecting acting, puppet and object manipulation, visual arts and music.

The group also collaborates in other theatre and film productions.


Sara Henriques
In 2013, at the Red Cloud Teatro de Marionetas company, Sara Henriques co-directed and co-produced the shows Plip, Menina Que Vendia Fósforos, Lobo Mau and Arabesco. She performed as puppeteer at the Royal Opera House in London, and at the Tunbridge Wells Puppetry Festival.

In 2003, she became a professional, starting working as an actress and resident puppeteer at the company Teatro de Marionetas do Porto, and in the following ten years she took part in 21 new productions and co-creations. In 2012, Sara Henriques recovered the Teatro Dom Roberto archive compiled in 2010 by João Paulo Seara Cardoso. Throughout her carrier she threaded the stage at some of the most iconic Portuguese venues and in the international stage in many festivals such as: Cape Verde (S. Vicente Island), Brazil (Brasília and Rio de Janeiro), Morocco (Taza), Spain (Santiago, Vigo, Ciudade Rodrigo, Zaragoza, Pontevedra, Madrid), Germany (Nuremberg), England (Norwich and London), Poland (Bielsko Biala, Torun, Kwidzyn), Czech Republic (Ostrava), Italy (Torino), Denmark, Belgium (Gent).


Rui Rodrigues
Since 2013 he is the co-director of the Red Cloud Teatro de Marionetas company.

Since early in his career he took part in a variety of projects (theatre, dance, visual arts and cinema) as a prop maker, set designer, sculptor and puppet maker.

Between 2001 and 2012, Rui Rodrigues was the technical director, puppet maker and prop maker at the award winning company Teatro de Marionetas do Porto, under the direction of João Paulo Seara Cardoso. Rui took part in the light design of several productions during this period.

He started his career at "Pé de vento" company, as a set builder, and prop maker apprentice under the direction of set designer and art director João Calvário.

He attended the BA in Painting at Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto, from 1995 to 1998.


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