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Xavier Bobés · ES

13, 14, 15 Oct · 3pm, 6pm, 10pm

Rivoli · 5th Floor

75' + 15' · M16

A show for an audience of five

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Created and performed Xavier Bobés

Costumes Antonio Rodríguez

Co-production Xavier Bobés, Festival TNT 2015 - Terrassa Noves Tendències, with the support of L'Animal a l'Esquena

Xavier Bobés is a resident artist at Centro Artístico l'Animal a l'Esquena, Celrà (Girona, Spain) since 2013

Last year, I realised that my memory was starting to go. I also noticed that my mother was starting to forget things with big gaps in her memory. Easily Forgotten Things is a photographic show that transforms memories and, like forgetfulness, invents other, new ones.

A brief history of Spain in the second half of the twentieth century. A card game turned into a show.

Around a small table, in an intimate, salon setting, a powerful sequence of close-up sensory experiences invokes old memories and invents new ones.

Through this miscellany of sights and sounds, objects and photos, a fascinating story unfolds in a powerful sequence exploring memory and identity. Like a magician, or medium at a séance, Xavier Bobés manipulates both past and future.



Actor, set designer and handler. Self-taught. Besotted by the poetry of objects, Xavier Bobès works with the Cia. Teatro de Objetos PLAYGROUND, the name given to a work and research method on daily objects assigning them new meanings within unexpected contexts, set in a world of imagination. This method initially requires a long, intimate and lonely process with the object to be handled, followed by another phase in which all the artistic team reveal their perceptions and suggests possible interpretations.



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